Billingual Children

21 Jan

When we <a href="#6"><strong>started having kids</strong></a>, my husband and I agreed that it was very important that they be bilingual. At the time, we thought it would be simple. My husband is a native Spanish speaker and I am fairly fluent as well. We thought it would be simple. We thought they would just absorb the language simply by being exposed to it within the home. And it did happen that way to a degree, especially when they were very young. As they grew, and especially when they started school, I started to notice a few things that made me realize that a more concerted effort was needed in able for them to achieve fluency. First, I started (unknowingly) speaking more English to them. As their vocabulary grew and topics of conversation became more detailed and profound, I found that I couldn’t express myself as well in Spanish as in English. Secondly, we have no Spanish speaking family and very few Spanish speaking friends nearby, so the only Spanish that they were hearing came from my husband and me. All of their peers spoke English and they started to prefer speaking English to us, even in response to a question asked in Spanish. I soon realized that in order for us to be able to give them this gift of bilingualism we would need to make a much greater effort for <a name="6"><strong>more exposure</strong></a> to Spanish, both in the home and socially. We enrolled them in a Spanish immersion charter school, we started attending mass and other cultural events in Spanish and I made (and continue to make) it a priority to have a wide variety of Spanish language material (books, music, movies, websites) available to them. The following are links to sites that I have found useful (and be sure to check out my absolute favorite site for kids learning Spanish!) BLOGS Mommy Maestra SpanglishBaby Spanish Playground Spanglish Aventuras Multilingual Mania Jugar y Colorear WEBSITES WITH GAMES FOR KIDS IN SPANISH Spanish Language Learning Games Foreign Language Learning for Kids Spanish for Kids ClicClicClic  <————-THIS ONE IS A PARTICULAR FAVORITE Mi Mundo en Palabras

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