My passions-eating locally and seasonally

21 Jan

Call it a fad or a trend, I have fallen victim to the idea that the best way to feed my family is to look to local farmers and ranchers as much as possible. The way I see it, I am not only supporting our local economy, environment and preserving open lands, but I am also providing my family with fresh, healthy, seasonal food, avoiding toxic chemicals, avoiding genetically modified foods and teaching my kids about REAL FOOD.

I found this quote from The Apple Grower by Michael Phillips that about sums up how I am feeling about food:

“Each of us shares in the lasting success of local agriculture. No longer will I assume that food just appears at the supermarket regardless of the season. The local growers who provide my sustenance are people I need to know. I understand that their livelihood is intimately connected to the vibrancy of my community. It matters to me how my food is grown and that it comes from nearby. Paying full worth for a life-enhancing food supply is more than a matter of shopping for the lowest price. Making agriculture sustainable is as much my responsibility as the farmer’s.”

Like with most things in life, it is definitely the journey and not the destination that I find pleasurable. While I am far from my goal of eating 100% locally and seasonally, I’ve noticed that recently I’ve even found the supermarket to be somewhat awkward. I’ve always been a supporter of farmer’s markets and was thrilled when I was offered a job with the Beaverton Farmer’s Market. Now there will be no excuse for me not to shop locally during the market season. But, what to do during those long, rainy winter months? We have to eat! Here are a few options in the Portland Area:

Year-round Farmers Markets:

Many of the farmer’s at the market grow and sell year round. Ask them about year-round CSA options

Other Options:

Here are a few challenges that I am trying to overcome:

  • Finding local sources for bulk, non-GMO, grains, flours and legumes
  • Affordable locally pasture raised poultry and beef
  • Finding the time to preserve the summer harvest


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Posted by on January 21, 2012 in Familia, Food, Local Portland, Oregon


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